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Ref Abuse, Royal Rumble And KesLord! Oh My!

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"Get the f*** out of my way, ref. I wanna punch Clowe's teeth out!"
"Get the f*** out of my way, ref. I wanna punch Clowe's teeth out!"

There are a few excellent Canucks stories on the web today that are just too good to pass up on. I gotta show you the goods. First of all, lost in all that was a Canucks' fail last night was the shenanigans at the game's opening faceoff. Before the ref even dropped the puck Logan Couture wiped Alexandre Burrows' face with his glove to which Burr responded with a bitch slap. But seconds later, and I have no idea how or why he does this, Jannik Hansen crosschecks the ref. Was he just trying to give Ryane (pronounced: bitch) Clowe the stick business and missed? Check it out:

Wow. I'll let you draw your own conclusions on that one. I could see if that was Stephane Auger....By the way, Clowe, congrats to your parents for spelling your name wrong. "Ryane'? Was that supposed to be creative?

Now a little something for you wrestling fans out there. When it comes to entertaining the masses, Wyatt Arndt and J. Mac put a lot of their time into bringing you the goods. Remember the simulation games / season during the lockout? Stolen by ESPN, btw. Now, they have just put together a sweet little concept called NHL Battle Royal 2013 Simulation, creating NHL characters and putting them into the WWE's Royal Rumble on the Smackdown vs Raw game. Now, since they put it up on YouTube I am going to steal it an post it here. Check it. 45 minutes well spent:

Good lord, you guys, keep up the excellent work! Original article here.

Finally, Ryan Kesler, out of action due to injury, is showing up all over Vancouver doing different jobs that pay millions less than what he makes in the NHL.

1. Bagging groceries at Save-On-Foods:

2. Interrupting a guy's pelvic exam to give him some good news:

3. And most recently, working the double-doubles and handing out jerseys at Tim Horton's:

Great stuff, Kes. Now hurry up and get better!

Finally, Kings' defenceman had this to say about the Canucks today:

“Not only is it their personnel that you learn to dislike,” Doughty explained. “It’s the fact that they keep winning the conference every year. You’re going to hate any good team just because they have that cockiness. But, they have a swagger about them that we don’t like, and we want to show them that we can be the better team. That’s why I think tonight is going to be a big battle.”

You "want to show us", but you won't.

Enjoy the game, peeps!