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Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire - Canucks @ Kings Gamethread

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The night after a humiliation in San Jose, Canucks visit the Cup-defending Kings who eliminated them last spring.

From the last time we saw these dirtbags....
From the last time we saw these dirtbags....
Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

TSN, 7:30 pm PST

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You know, I got lucky last night. Since my sister came over for her birthday dinner, I did not have to grumble through having to watch that horrendous Canucks game. A horrible start that had a near-fight of the opening faceoff and the first Sharks goal within the first 2 minutes was enough to ruin the game. The Canucks don't get a rest today for recovery from the loss, since they have to play another rival tonight.

As you all probably remember, the Canucks got booted out of the playoffs by the Kings in 5 games last year. At first, we all blamed it on the Canucks for not showing up at all. When LA then whipped the Blues in the next round, that's when we finally realized that it might have partially been LA's fault. Sure enough, they went on to win the Cup. Since then, many people have been speculating on how LA might face this season, and whether or not they can do it again. Despite their having a very similar start to ours, I wouldn't be surprised if they can defend their championship. My first reason is that they managed to keep pretty much their entire team, only having to make 1 or 2 signing this summer, so the team chemistry should be the same. My second reason is that, due to the lockout, LA got the time to rest that most Cup-winners won't get from a shortened summer. If this team gets into the playoffs red hot again, we better watch out.

Tonight is the first time we see this Kings team since last spring. They have had a rough start to the season, especially with the Blackhawks ruining their Cup banner-raising home opener. Jonathan Quick has had all 4 starts so far, having let in 12 goals so far. The team themselves have only 1 win and 1 OT point, being one of the last teams to get that elusive 1st win. Of all the firepower on that team, Kyle Clifford leads them all with only 5 points, with Jeff Carter and Anze Kopitar just behind him with only 2 points. This is a team that also wants to wake up.

Time to bounce back. Coconuts go!