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All Hot Streaks Must End - Canucks @ Sharks Gamethread

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Canucks visit the Sharks, who have been red hot to start this season.

Rich Lam

Snet Pacific, 5:00 pm PST

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As we were saying after our home opener, there was nowhere to go but up. And so far, the Canucks have done just that. Sure, the shootout loss to Edmonton and the shootout win against Calgary are not much, but we skyrocketed to slaughtering Anaheim the other night. We are now sitting at the top of the NW division again, although the rest of them are hot on our heels. The fun part now is staying at the top, and tonight's opponent won't let it be an easy task.

The Sharks have had a formidable start to the season, getting 4 straight wins so far. They are also fresh off a shutout game, beating Colorado 4-0 the other night. They have scored 19 goals in those 4 games, and only let 7 into their own net. It is looking like San Jose will have their own goalie controversy soon: while Antti Niemi got good stats for the first 3 games, it was Thomas Greiss who got the shutout against Colorado. Patrick Marleau already has 8 goals this season, while Joe Thornton has 9 assists. Their production is not expected to last, however.

Time to ruin their hot start. Coconuts go!