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It's Duck Hunting Season - Canucks @ Ducks Gamethread

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Canucks start a California road trip in Anaheim, visiting the team that slaughtered them last weekend.

Rich Lam

Snet Pacific, 7:00 pm PST

Rival blogs: Anaheim Calling, Battle of California

Well, that game against the Flames the other night was an improvement. Zack Kassian cemented his popularity in Vancouver by getting both the opening goal and the shootout winner. However, our defence ended up being rather questionable, with multiple of our really good guys making costly mistakes. Obviously, some improvements can be made, especially if we expect to win more games this season.

Tonight, the Canucks start a California road trip with a visit to the Honda Centre. The Ducks have been hated by many of us, including myself, for a few years now. Last weekend didn't help, when they slaughtered us 7-3 in our home opener. Since then, they've only played one game in Calgary, edging them out 5-4. Tonight is their home opener, greeting their own fans for the first time this season. They ruined our home opener, so let's ruin theirs!

Put the pedal to the metal. Coconuts go!

A couple fun videos for tonight's thread. First up is a classic Bugs Bunny vs Daffy Duck sketch:

Duck Amuck (via GROW251)

Another fun video that I realized I could use is from the Muppets, with the Swedish Chef trying to make pressed duck. Sure, he fails as always, but it's still a Swedish chef and a duck.

Muppet Show. Swedish Chef. Pressed Duck (s02.e21) (via aarnis)