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Afternoon Buzz: It's All About The Kassian

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Sorry for the delay in the news. We wanted to bask in the afterglow of Zack Kassian's extreme awesomeness.

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Rich Lam

Look at his face. Ignoring the spring of 2011, when was the last time you saw a Canuck player get that excited to score a hard earned goal? It's a pleasure to see some youthful passion.

Canucks News

Everyone Else

  • The Penguins got Chad Kolarik from the Rangers for Benn Ferriero. The Pens also steel-toed >Carl Sneep down to Dallas for a draft pick. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LOSE TO THE LEAFS.
  • The Oilers are getting a new arena (until Katz whines again).
  • Speaking of Katz, this picture (and story) is pure evil.
  • Wade Redden speaks.
  • Why does Toronto get all the cool tools to play with?
  • As you know, Lupul was Phaneuf'ed.
  • Steve Downie will not be visiting us this season. 'tis a shame.
  • Oh, yeah, Scott Hartnell has a problem too.

Oh What The Hell

  • Did you know Fruit Loop donuts was a thing? I didn't and now realize how vapid my life has become.