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Morning Buzz: This One Time I'll Let You Ask Me About My Affairs

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In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns.

Does free Budweiser really count as free beer?
Does free Budweiser really count as free beer?
Rich Lam

With Vandermeer clearing waivers, we should get the word soon that Jordan Schroeder is coming to the rescue (update: he's here!). Or maybe it'll be Joe Cannata just to add to the ongoing goalie controversy floating around. Speaking of which...

Canucks News

  • Different day, same story.
  • "The reason professional sports are so great is that you’re always dealing with human frailty" - your GM.
  • Cam Cole had a bit more from Gillis here including thoughts on the Detroit organization model, prospects and the (sigh) question of team toughness.
  • Should Schneider get the nod against Calgary?
  • This gif (via Reddit) should be used in gamethreads all season long.
  • And now for something completely new...OK I lied.
  • Take a guess who the Wolf of the Week is?
  • Best gag wins. Go for it.

Everyone Else

Oh What The Hell