Score-Predicting Wizards: 2012 -13 (Updated FINAL: May 9)

Congrats to FormerHab and Nathaniel Perlow (who picked Marleau to score the winner in Game 4 to end up in a tie with FH.) Well played, both of you! You both win a dirty sock from me. My socks stink really bad, like the Canucks do in the playoffs. Thanks to everyone for playing this season. We will be doing the same competition next season, with altered rules, I would think. Maybe. We'll see.

FormerHab: 12

Nathaniel Perlow: 12

Bobby Canuck: 11

Twin Terror: 11

gmonk33: 10

patrik e: 10

andrew21nz: 7

EvianBubble: 6

Meat Mayos: 6

PeaceJo: 6

raincity: 6

BW79: 5

Sean Zandberg: 5

Tengeresz: 5

acg515: 4

Geordie Nuck: 4

team pinnelli: 4

vancitydan: 4

Vancouverguy: 4

westy99: 4

ChuckinNux: 3

DeathdogIGBL: 3

ktownfan: 3

marcness52: 3

pheenster: 3

Soundergarden: 3

Twitchy2010: 3

Coach Ryan: 2

jwolf0: 2

Sandwich76: 2

seedvt: 2

Slegna: 2


YorkAveOrca: 2

beardstache: 1

bygfeete: 1

dshaps: 1

Herculoid: 1

Kent Basky: 1

KYCanuck: 1

missy: 1

NS_Cix: 1

nucksandpucks: 1

radepalma: 1

Smoboy41: 1

Supr49er: 1

Tangent: 1

Thursday: 1

ZeeTee: 1

You can enter this competition by entering your prediction for a Canucks game in the Game Preview Posts comments.

You get:

  • 2 points for correctly guessing the correct score and winning team. But you have to get both right. There's no points for getting one right and not the other.
  • 1 point for predicting the correct game-winning goal scorer.

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