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How About Another Try? - Canucks vs Oilers Gamethread

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After a disappointing loss last night, the Canucks hope to bounce back against the visiting Oilers.

Rich Lam

RSN Pacific (unconfirmed), 6:00 pm PST

Rival blog: The Copper & Blue

Well, that went well last night, didn't it?

We all know the Canucks often start seasons roughly, and last night was no exception. Add in the fact that we're starting in January, and had no training camp or preseason in which to slaughter AHL-level teams, and a 7-3 whipping of our butts isn't really that strange. If anything, having Cory Schneider let in 5 goals, and end up being replaced by Roberto Luongo, made it worse for us. With all the "TRADE LUONGO!!!1" talk out there, I'm not sure whether or not this helps.

The boys need to focus on going up from here, and there's no better team to boost our play against than the Edmonton Oilers. I still have terrible memories of last year, where Ryan Nugent-Hopkins got that "hat trick" and we had to listen to the CBC commentators gush over him for the next of that miserable night. Ryan and lots of his squad of top 1st-rounders have spent the lockout dominating the AHL, and are predicted by many hockey analysts and bloggers to take the league by storm this year. I still think they're not quite ready to steal our NW crown.

Big 2 points on the line. Coconuts go!