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Predictions! NHL 2012-13 Season

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Bruce Bennett

Bah! Predicting NHL standings is about as accurate as forecasting weather. Opinions are like assholes...everybody has one. But who cares? Let's have some fun! Here are my predictions for the 2012-13 NHL standings plus the Stanley Cup Finals participants and Stanley Cup winner.


1. New York Rangers. They just keep getting better and better. Finally Henrik Lundqvist has a super team in front of him with the addition of Rick Nash and the maturation of the young ones.

2. Washington Capitals. Love the addition of Mike Ribeiro.

3. Boston Bruins. A deep team that doesn't need Tim Thomas to win.

4. Philadelphia Flyers. Really solid team, but not as solid as the Rangers, IMO.

5. Pittsburgh Penguins. Yea, most MSM outlets jerk these guys off, but not me.

6. Florida Panthers. I really like Dale Tallon's work here. Team on the rise.

7. Carolina Hurricanes. Surprise! Love the new additions, especially Jordan Staal.

8. Montreal Canadiens. So close. An underrated team. No Gomez? No problem!

9. New Jersey Devils. Tough call. But they employ an multimillionaire Russian. Screw them.

10. Ottawa Senators. Hate to put them here but I am just not a believer. An aging Daniel Alfredsson, an oft-injured Jason Spezza = SCREW IT

11. Buffalo Sabres. Coach Lindy Ruff gets the most out of any lineup he is given. This current Sabres lineup doesn't make me think playoff team though.

12. Tampa Bay Lightning. Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis are on the decline. Not even Steven Stamkos and Anders Lindback can save them.

13. Toronto Maple Leafs. Maybe Dave Nonis will acquire a top notch goalie. Until then, I am not a be-Leafer.

14. Winnipeg Jets. Do you care about the Jets? I know that I don't. I almost want to rank them lower.

15. New York Islanders. Bunch of fucking Wang-nuts.


1. St. Louis Blues. I think the Central Division is weakening, MINUS the Blues, who, in my opinion, are getting better and better every season. Those "kids" are hitting their prime.

2. Vancouver Canucks. A step back for the Nuckleheads. I am calling a really slow start.

3. San Jose Sharks. Yea I went there.But the Sharks are not much different than last year's team and they seem to manage every season and sit the holy bed in the playoffs.

4. Minnesota Wild. People hum and haw over the Parise and Suter acquisitions. Well I don't. At least now Minnesota, (who was tops in the West for quite some time early last season, by the way) NOW have some backup players to carry the team when the obvious injuries to Bouchard, Koivu, etc happen. I think the Wild can win the West. Who's with me?

5. Phoenix Coyotes. Coach Bill Tippett preaches a strict regimented defensive system. Nothing will change.They lost Ray Whitney but plenty of youth to replace him.

6. Colorado Avalanche. Ballsy, yes. Crazy? No. I like the buildup of this team that looks to make a huge step forward.

7. Chicago Blackhawks. Yea, fuck the Chicago Blackhawks.

8. Detroit Red Wings. Still depth there.....but Nicklas Lidstrom was a god so.....

9. Los Angeles Kings. Stanley Cup Hangover? Well, the lockout gave them time to recoup but no matter. Pretty tough to motivate the star players when they are getting paid in full and have a Cup ring.

10. Edmonton Oilers. It's just a matter of time.

11. Nashville Predators, I hate betting against these guys. Period. But I am anyways. Shea Weber must be so stoked to play there. (sarcasm alert)

12. Anaheim Ducks.

13. Calgary Flames. Suck it, Jay Feaster, Iginla gets dealt.

14. Dallas Stars. Yay Joe Nieuwendyk! Make your team older! GOLD!

15. Columbus Blue Jackets. At least John Davidson is at the helm now. He'll make it right, Eventually.


I have the Rangers winning the Stanley Cup over the St. Louis Blues in a 7-game series.

I just simmed an NHL season on NHL 13 on the PS3 and the New York Islanders won the Cup. I threw my NHL 13 game out into the snow and punted a hole in my TV. Stupid NHL 13 predictions.

Are we predicting awards?


Conn Smythe: Lundqvist

Hart: Crosby

Art Ross: Crosby

Norris: Chara

Vezina: Lundqvist

Calder: Granlund

Lady Byng: Your mother

Lindsay: Crosby

Jack Adams: Ken Hitchcock

Selke: No idea

Let's see YOUR predictions!

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