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Hockey's Back, All Right!!! - Canucks vs Ducks Gamethread

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Canucks hold their season opener against the Ducks, after what has been a long wait for the new season to start.

Koivu - "Hey Keith, nice to see you again!"
Koivu - "Hey Keith, nice to see you again!"
Jeff Gross

CBC, 7:00 pm PST

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Last time we watched the Vancouver Canucks play was almost exactly 9 months ago. Since then, we have seen Obama get re-elected, the Mayan calendar get laughed at, and the NHL locking out its players. And today, after a very long wait, we are finally starting a new, albeit shortened, season. Through the lockout, I saw many people claiming that they will boycott everything NHL-related when hockey came back. To these fools, I say go ahead. But keep this in mind: if you're a Canucks fan who is boycotting NHL hockey this year, and we finally win the Cup in June, you're not allowed to celebrate!!!

Anyways, tonight the Canucks open another season at home, hosting the Anaheim Ducks. In years past, I have made my hatred for Anaheim very clear. However, this year, I don't seem to care as much. It's probably just a side effect from being happy for hockey's return. The Ducks have some very dangerous players to watch for, including Bobby Ryan and Corey Perry. We also get to see Teemu Selanne return for what might be the last NHL season of his legendary career.

On with the show. Coconuts go!

PS: If you're wondering where the title for the gamethread comes from, this is the unfortunate truth.

Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (via BackstreetBoysVEVO)