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Cuts Complete: No Schroeder For You

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The youth movement is passed over for the power and mystique of Andrew Ebbett.

Via Hosea Cheung:

Well, Schroeder down to AHL. Ebbett and Vandermeer stays with Canucks for now. Nine defencemen on the team.

The 23 man roster is now set, which also includes Aaron Volpatti, Jim "put him anywhere" Vandermeer and your new second line center Andrew Ebbett.

Go ahead and cue up the "Jordan Schroeder is a bust" bandwagon, though I'd hold off personally. There's still plenty of hockey to be played and the depth down the middle is bare; Schroeder may yet still get his chance whether AV likes it or not.

In the meantime, please get better soon Kesler. Pretty please.