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Morning Buzz: Schneider knows its his time to shine

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Cory Schneider may have dealt with panic attacks he didn't know he was having, Ebbett has a leg up on Schroeder after a strong scrimmage and the Canucks need to settle the second line center issue.

Jonathan Daniel

Morning, everyone, hope you're enjoying the sun inside a nice warm place, because it's as cold as sweet-fuck out there. We've got some Canucks news and some NHL news, that's how this thing works. Lets get at it.


>> Jason "Director of Shap and Bounty Bars" Botchford says Cory Schneider knows it's his time to shine, admits to dealing with panic attacks he didn't know he was having.

>> Ben Kuzma, who has had every nickname in the book says Andrew Ebbett has a leg up on Jordan Schroeder after a stronger scrimmage. Must be only a part of a leg.

>> Tony Gallagher, who is in fact not the Crypt Keeper (sorry, Tony) says the Canucks need to settle this second line center mess right away.

>> Jim Jamieson says there's no shortage of intriguing storylines to go around.

>> Jeff Angus from Canucks Army has a 2012-13 season preview, with best and worst case scenarios.

>> Pass it to Bulis has some interesting stuff today. The first of which is a called Luongo Unchained. No, Harrison isn't wearing yoga pants in it. As well as the Canucks head shots for this upcoming season. Alex Burrows looks like he's mean muggin' the camera and little Alex Gordon looks like he's seen some "stuff" and maybe some "things" during his psychiatric evaluation.

That's for the Canucks this morning. On to those other assholes.

The Other Guys:

>> The New Jersey Devils named Bryce Salvador captain today. So, yeah, that happened.

>> Scott Gomez and Wade Redden cleared waivers. Garth Snow must have figured out how this whole thing works, or he was busy washing Charles Wang's car. I'm not quite sure.

>> Wait, scratch that. The Islanders were busy. They claimed Keith Aucoin off of waivers.

>> Speaking of waivers and now bald guys. The Toronto Maple Leafs continue to move some bodies around, they're expected to put center Tim Connolly on waivers today.

>> Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland says that his team 'might not make the playoffs'. I can only assume he leaned over and whispered, 'yeah fuckin' right' to someone.

That's all for me today, folks. Enjoy your day.

- Mitch