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Canucks Look To Great Dane For Help On Offence

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It has worked before. It will work again.
It has worked before. It will work again.
Rich Lam

Jannik Hansen has been playing better and better in a checking role for the Canucks as the years go by. He is putting up more points too. He scored 16 goals and 39 points in 82 games last season. He was also a +18. Now, after impressing Alain Vigneault at practice, The Great Dane will get to play with the Sedins on the top power play unit AND get promoted to the 2nd line. With David Booth out for 4-6 weeks and Ryan Kesler out indefinitely, the Canucks either had to make a trade to get help, or promote from within. I am in total agreement with giving Hansen a chance. That guy deserves it. He busts his ass every night, and like Henrik Sedin said today:

"I always thought (Jannik) was very underrated as an offensive player," Sedin said. "He can make things happen out there, he's got a great shot and is a good skater a so hopefully he can be a good option for us."

Alain Vigneault said:

"We were looking at different options there but Jannik does make a lot of sense," he said. "Throughout the years at different times we have used him with the twins. It has worked out for us and on the power-play, Jannik has got more skill than people give him credit for and I also think he doesn't mind going to those tough areas.

"He's a real solid net presence and the fact he's a right-handed shot, that helps the power-play."

Good job, Hansen!

Hank, Dank and Jank. Lovely. Hansen knows how AV works. He's is going to have to take full advantage of this opportunity and make it work. We know how quickly AV shuffles his lines.

Now who takes his spot on the 3rd line? Well that is up for debate.

More on this development at TSN.

How about some Hansen video love?

Check out this sweet give and go with Kevin Bieksa:

Watch him work well with the Sedins here:

Ooo! A Hansen Montage:

Cory Schneider impersonates Hansen:

Hansen turns Dion Phaneuf into an even bigger pylon:

End this compilation off with Hansen fighting Gilbert Brule:

Man, if you don't like Hansen there's something wrong with you.

By the way, how shitty is this David Booth injury? He had not even gelled on ANY line yet after getting traded here last deadline, and now he misses up to 6 weeks to begin this shortened season. Tick tock tick tock motherf****r.