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Morning Buzz: David Booth hurt and fans aren't pointing and laughing

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Finally I have come BACK to Morning Buzz. Not that I really went anywhere, but without a computer it was rather hard to contribute at all. Now that I'm back in action and have managed to piss off my co-worker for getting a new computer, Morning Buzz will have twice as much swearing and twice as much hockey news.

Dustin Byfuglien doesn't share his mid-game snacks.
Dustin Byfuglien doesn't share his mid-game snacks.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

Good morning, everyone, I trust you all are well. I know I am. The birds are out, the bees are trying to have sex with them, at least that's how I understand it Oh and if you've been living under a rock, hockey is fucking BACK! Lots to shap about, lets get at it!


>> Bad news: David Booth is hurt. Good news: His hair still looks pretty cool. But lets focus on the bad, because Booth being injured damages an already weakened second line.

>> Wyatt "I ONLY wear balls-out jeans" Arndt shares his Roberto Luongo Trade Surivival Guide.

>> Ed "Whatchu talkin' bout" Willis says that the Canucks may have to be a boring team in order to win this year. To be honest with you, I don't give a sweet-fuck if they tell knock-knock jokes and do fukin' cartwheels to victory. A win is a win.

>> Ben Kuzma talks about Canucks goalie prospect Joe Cannata learning the mental games.

>> Steve Ewen, who I don't have a nickname for (yet) talks about how Kevin Connauton thinks his ready for prime time and how he's using yoga and meditation to ease the stress of it all.

>> Dimitri Filipovic from Canucks Army has a Canucks season preview So You Think You're an Expert Podcast.

>> Thomas Drance, also of Canucks Army has a little Strombabble to share with everyone. Apparently the Canucks might bring Luongo back to start the season, but Luongo himself doesn't want to stay in Vancouver long term.

That's it for Canucks news today, but it's very nice to know that at any point in the day we could be talking about more Canucks news. It feels good, really fuckin' good.

The Other Guys:

>> The St. Louis Blues have brought veteran defenseman Colin White in on a PTO.

>> According to an Edmonton Oilers assistant coach, Justin Schultz can go fuck himself has "moxie".

>> The New York Islanders did what they do best, claiming defenseman Thomas Hickey off of waivers.

>> Speaking of the Islanders and defenseman, that piece of shit Lubomir Visnovsky was denied his request to stay in the KHL. Too bad, asshole.

>> Panthers defenseman Dimitri Kulikov is still in Russia waiting for a new contract that apparently isn't close to being signed. Cool!

>> Buffalo's little big-man Holt from The Cleveland Show Nathan Gerbe hasn't been cleared to play and could start the season on the injured reserve.

Folks, that's it from me today. Enjoy your morning, beat the shit out of your afternoon and try not to sob into the pillow that is the evening. Thanks for reading! Follow me on Twitter (@Mitchemdee)

- Mitch