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Canucks sign Cam... Barker?

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Dear lord... really?


: Hearing Canucks have agreed to terms on one year, $700 K pro-rated deal with d-man Cam Barker. I like that signing.

Well with all due respect to Pierre, I wish I could share that optimism. Still think he's headed for the Wolves. We'll see. It's gonna take a lot more than $1 hot dogs and half-price t-shirts to make up for the potential disaster if he cracks the lineup. On the bright side, he could make Ballard look amazing by comparison. There's always the chance that this once highly-touted prospect could finally live up to his potential. But given that this is his 5th pro organization since 2005, that's an awfully long shot. At least the reporters have something non-Luongo related to discuss at the camp today. Not the news we were expecting this morning, that's for sure. I would assume it's a 2 way deal as well, meaning just because he's signed doesn't mean he's won a roster spot.