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The Vancouver Canucks' 2012-13 Regular Season Schedule

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More Dragon-Slaying Please!
More Dragon-Slaying Please!
Rich Lam

Finally, after a long day of waiting for the players to sign the CBA Memo Of Understanding and the lockout officially ending, the NHL is open for business as of 9:00 PM PST tonight NOW. As well, the Canucks' schedule has been released....finally. The Canucks will open their season with a back-to-back scenario: At home versus the Anaheim Ducks on Saturday night (7:00 PM PST on CBC) and Sunday night against the Edmonton Oilers (6:00 PM presumably Sportsnet).

The Canucks will play back-to-back games 6 times between January 19 and April 27.

They play the Oilers 5 times, the Flames 5 times, the Avalanche 4 times, and the Wild 4 times.

The first game against the Los Angeles Kings is Monday, January 28. They play LA 3 times this shortened season.

The first game against Duncan (The Ass) Keith and the Chicago Blackhawks is Friday, February 1 on TSN. Make Keith spit teeth! 3 games total against Chicago this season.

All games against the Western Conference only.

The Canucks' 2012-13 Schedule can be seen HERE.

Game on! Let the madness begin!

Oh and the Canucks want to share some cheese with you:

Screw that! I think this video is more fitting (h/t to missy):