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NHLPA Ratifies CBA, Players Sign Memo Of Understanding, GAME ON!


(Update (7:40 pm): Finally, it has been announced that the players have signed the Memo Of Understanding. This means that teams can start signing and trading starting at 9:00 pm PST tonight. Woo! Game on! The Canucks regular season schedule should be released shortly.

Update (4:30) According to Cult Of Hockey, a leaked Oilers sked on HF Boards says the Oilers will play the Canucks at Rogers Arena on Sunday, January 20.

Update (1:00): The NHLPA has ratified the deal. Now a memo of understanding has to be signed by both sides and according to TSN, two hours after that completion, NHL operations can commence.

From Dan Tencer on Twitter:

According to Pierre Lebrun, players ratified CBA with only 12 no votes. 84 players did not vote.

98% approval.

One of the no votes came from Erik Cole I am sure. But you know...F*CK ERIK COLE.


Early this morning (5 AM Pacific) the NHLPA's ratification vote for the new Collective Bargaining Agreement concluded. The results of that vote have not been announced yet. We can all but guarantee that they will pass the new CBA deal. Until then, NHL teams cannot do anything: sign free agents, hold training camp, trade, no schedules are released, etc. The announcement of the vote should come soon. When it does, as they say: shit's about to go down!

Will a Roberto Luongo trade be announced? What kind of deal is P.K. Subban going to get from the Canadiens? Which of these remaining free agents will find a home?

We will soon find out.

Until then,

Women + Instrument + LOTR = HOT (hat tip DoubleN148):