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Vigneault Will Be Quick To Pull Trigger On Lines

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It looks as though Mason Raymond will start Training Camp on line 2. That may make many sigh in discontent however: Alain Vigneault had this to say today:

"Mason has proven in the past that he can score and Booth has proven he can score at the NHL level," added Vigneault. "They’ll get an opportunity and if they don’t do it quickly enough we’ll have some decisions to make. You guys know how quick I am on the trigger."

It looks like Maxim Lapierre will center Chris Higgins and Jannik Hansen on line 3. Andrew Ebbett and Jordan Schroeder will get a chance to center line 2. Manny Malhotra will likely center Dale Weise and Zack Kassian on line 4.

Chris Higgins said that he prefers to play the wing:

"You play along the boards more and that’s a strength of my game," he said. "I’m happy to help out anywhere but I prefer to play wing and I just love the way Jannik plays. He’s tenacious with a hard forechecking style and is a smart player with a good amount of skills."

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