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2012 NHL Lockout

Game On!

This stream has:

Impressive...NHL Presents Another Counter-Offer

NHL CBA Update: January 1, 2013

Cooler heads are prevailing now as both sides are maintaining dialogue. They are agreeing on some things, but still have a lot of work to do. The NHLPA with review the newest proposal tonight and the sides will talk again tomorrow.

Lockout: What Are You Doing With Your Free Time?

CBC Wants To Know, Canada: What Are You Doing With Your Free Time Because Of The Lockout?

NHL CBA Update: Dec.12, 2012

NHL CBA Update: Dec. 10: Cancelled Games And More

NHL CBA Update: December 9: What's Being Said

NHL CBA Update: December 5: What's Being Said

CBA Update: November 23, 2012: What's Being Said

CBA Update: November 21: NHLPA's Proposal

CBA Update: November 19

Are you excited for hockey yet? Yeah,me neither...

As the hopeful eyes of a grateful pensive hockey nation turn to New York, our hopes rest on a couple folks who should inspire positive aspects AND fear and loathing...

At a Certain Point....

A fan's view of the current labour impasse in the NHL, with an emphasis on humour, impatience, and, yes, love for the game of hockey