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Revenge of the Brunch, or How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Hello. Yes, it's really me. I know I have threatened to resume posting here previously, but due to a number of reasons I just wasn't able to get things rolling. So consider this a place marker if you will. Just something to get the ol' creative juices flowing as I attempt to get back into regular posting here at NM, as well as preparing for another season of NHL hockey, cheering on our beloved... wait, what? AGAIN?!?! Son of a... Okay, so maybe I wasn't that out of the loop. I did need to take some time away from it all, a bit of a palate cleanser for my hockey soul. It was a hell of an 18 month or so stretch, so many highs and lows. So I am back and will be contributing to whatever the hell it is we're gonna be talking about as the lockout appears a certainty.

I guess addressing the biggest situation at hand is the best way to start off, so here goes. I'm not so much angry about a lockout as I am amused by it all. Maybe it's just that I am getting older, or the cynicism that's built up as an ardent follower of this team and all they've gone through over the last 3 years or so. Maybe it's because the last 2 work stoppages are still fresh in my mind, but I have really been unable to muster up much emotion over it all other laughter. Laughter at people blaming 'greedy' players. Laughter at people who genuinely thought the billionaires that run the 30 franchises wouldn't try to once again try to increase their share of revenues by rolling back the share of the players, and use the same excuses that they used the last time around. Laughter at people who think Gary Bettman is some evil mastermind out to destroy your life by locking the players out. And laughter at people who think corporations and billionaires believe you when you sign an internet petition as some kind of red flag that you're mad as hell, and aren't gonna take it anymore. They know the truth. They're the pushers, and we are the crack-addled masses. Once they get their product back on the market, no matter how loudly we swear we will never go back. We will. Just like last time. And the time before. Sure there are franchises that might not be able to survive a prolonged lockout. Bloggers for some of those teams might be able to tell us whether that's a real possibility, but it shouldn't come as a shock if a lost season leads to a team that's struggled to fill their rink when there was a season, ends up folding or moving. It's not beyond the realm of possibility. It would be a shame if it does, even if it happens to a team that is obviously in a non-hockey market. A shame because something in the way of revenue sharing, the way the NFL and MLB practice might prevent something like that from happening.

So with the lockout a mere week away, we now get to focus on the youth of the team. Our bud Ggooglyboogly will be working his butt off over there in Chicago covering the Wolves for us again this season, and perhaps we should see what more we can find out about our prospects in the ECHL on the *looks at the notes* Kalamazoo... K-Wings? That's a real thing? Sounds like something off Bugs Bunny. Anyway, the minors, juniors and European leagues will have to feed our hockey craving souls until they sort this out.

Coming up this week, I take the Canada/Russia 72 torch and run with it for the final 4 games of the 8 game series that were played in Moscow. Sean has done a fantastic job on his writeups, and I hope you've all checked them out. I will be starting the series off with a post that starts with the aftermath of game 4 and Phil Esposito's epic address to the nation, and how Team Canada was able to get themselves back on track. It's really good to be back with you guys and gals, and believe it or not, I am looking forward to this, as it will present some unique challenges to us as writers. That and it will also give me a place to post my A Team erotic fan fiction. I was about to hit post, but I realized I had forgotten something. Roberto Luongo. Sorry. Contractual obligations and all that.