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September 7 Weekend Open Thread


How much more do you want to vent / talk about an NHL lockout? I know I'm sick of it. Alas, here is an open thread to talk about whatever you want to. Around here, no topic is out of bounds in open threads.

Topic starter: Name some of your guilty pleasures, whether it be bad habits or a band that you listen to that isn't considered cool. My answer: The Spice Girls. Yeah. Speeding. Watching Titanic over and over again. Booze. Binge spending.

So, I put my "weaknesses" out there. Let's see you folks share yours.

Another thing, I have

changed the cover on the Nucks Misconduct Facebook page. Check it out:


If you have not done so yet, head over there and give us a good ol' Facebook "like", because so many good things happen for you when you do such a great thing. Manna from heaven, for example.