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With No Hockey To Worry About, Let's Do A Redesign Shall We?


Hey there good looking. Welcome to the first step in what will be a gradual evolution of Nucks Misconduct.

In the next month SB Nation will be undergoing a dramatic upgrade to its platform. Once it's ready and we flip the switch you'll all have a brand new toy to play with. We'll pass along information as we receive it, but for now we're left to tease you with our new logo. As you can see, it maintains our color scheme in addition to the traditional defiant, ardent (cough cough non-rioting whatsoever cough cough) fist-towards-the-sky vibe that we've had since day 1.

It's not just us, but every single one of the SB Nation blogs which is getting this face lift, a transformation that I'm told will be the most radical in the eight-year history of the company. Who knows, with luck this may be just enough to force Bettman's hand and allow our sport not to be locked out for the third time in 18 f'ing years.

...ahem. Excuse me.

In all seriousness, I know I speak for the rest of the bloggy heads here when I say our passion for Canucks hockey is greatly complimented by the opportunity to maintain one of the best, active and funniest online communities around. That sense of commonality and belonging is only going to enhanced by these upcoming changes and - coupled with you great folks - it'll make this website an even better place to hang out and chat about all things Canucks. Well, that and the continued innovative hashtagging of course.

In the meantime, drop any questions/feedback you have in the comments and we'll answer them as best we can.