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Best Canucks Masks, Round II: Curt Ridley vs. Corey Hirsch

With Cheech romping through the second round and Bromley holding a thin lead over Mr. Schneider, the Linden conference is close to naming its top two contenders. Now let's turn the fun over to the Smyl conference where Ridley, Hirsch, Hedberg and Luongo will pair off for a chance at their conference crown.

In the first round, Ridley easily took down Garth Snow and Hirsch dispatched Curtis Sanford with ease. Like Thunderdome however, two may enter but only one leaves. Check out their designs below and vote your soul away to see who makes it to the final four.

Ridley Mask Gallery: It's hard to get more quintessential Vancouver Canuck than Ridley's clean "stick-in-rink" mask. If imitation is the finest form of flattery, then note that Ridley's design inspired Schneider's third mask design and also a version Luongo used with third jerseys. [1] [2] [3]

Hirsch Mask Gallery: Forget those Saw designs Tampa netminders had a few years ago. Hirsch went with a classic in the mid 90's: Alfred Hitchcock, Bates Motel and Psycho. Enough said...though to be fair he did eventually change the design after his NHL career nosedived. [1] [2] [3]

Stick-in-rink vs Norman Bates. Who you got?