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Morning Buzz: As CBA Talks Resume, Bieksa Straight Arms A Kid

Training camps have been cancelled, the preseason has been cancelled, The Mindy Project may be cancelled. Head for the hills!

Justin K. Aller - Getty Images

Before we hit the links, we're happy to announce that Mitch ( will be joining us as the new morning links guy. Following in the big steps of the Stanchion (who works for something called a "newspaper") and Jordan from last season, he'll make sure you don't miss any of the big news of the day plus whatever else he wants to share. Also relevant: he still hates Mark Messier. We're happy to give him a home.

On to what's new in the world.

Canucks News

>> The Juicy Hammer drops by a Midget Triple-A team in North Vancouver and Bieksa straight-armed a kid. Because, well, wouldn't you? [Windsor Star]

>> Suspect IRIT-00001 is no longer on the run. (sigh) [National Post]

>> Did you know Gary Bettman was once trapped in the Canucks locker room? [Puck Daddy]

>> It's national jersey day. Guess which NHL team has plenty of past marketing goofs to masquerade as a celebration? []

>>The Wolves official camp roster has been released. We'll have our spiffy new storystream up all weekend with news and alerts from Chicago. [Wolves, NM]

Everyone Else

>> The CBA talks are set to resume today and push through the weekend, with only minor breaks to check on various college and NFL fantasy teams. Priorities please. [TSN]

Five GM's who could stone up and end this nonsense almost on their own. [Fighting for Stanley]

11 people who need to be laid off from the NHL. You can't argue with any of them. [SLGT]

Byfuglien blames his legal problems on the fact he now has his own gravitational pull. [Winnipeg Sun]

Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. Daryl Katz. [Cult of Hockey]

The five worst signings of the summer (spoiler alert: Vancouver isn't in there, but Calgary is). [Hockey Prospectus]

Just Because

>> May as well get one last jab in on the only other professional sports problem that's about to end: the best memes from the NFL Referee Lockout. [Daily Dot]