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David Booth Will Hunt Whether People Like It Or Not

After posting images on Twitter of a successful bear hunt in May, David Booth is at it again.

Dale MacMillan - Getty Images

Ed. note: The following is my opinion only.

Back in May, Booth legally baited a bear before killing it with his crossbow in Alberta. He then tweeted about it and posted pictures. Given the almighty power of Twitter and Facebook and the internet in general, you know there was going to be a s***storm over that. And there was. Many Canucks fans even wanted him traded!

So fast forward to yesterday, and Booth bagged himself another animal in Montana:


Along with it, a tweet:

Just killing time... And Wapiti in Montana.

More angered fans and others on Twitter? You betcha! I just had to read a few of the tweets and then exit the page. The filth and hate that flows through some people's minds through their fingers and onto the internet on this matter is nauseating.

Pass It To Bulis jokingly blames Gary Bettman, because he is giving Booth more free time to kill animals because of the lockout.

Has anyone told Davey Boy that Greenpeace was birthed in Vancouver in 1971? I don't think Booth cares, and I don't blame him. He has done nothing illegal. If he is taking some of the meat home with him, hell, he's eating healthier than the majority of us are! Look ma! No preservatives! He's also doing something he loves and is unashamed of it.

So if people don't want to see pictures of David with a dead elk, or bear, or whatever he kills next, then don't follow him on Twitter or click on the link. The opinions are just part of the Twitter turf. I get that.

But I have an opinion too: I think that was a solid kill. And I would love to learn how to use a compound / crossbow. But that's just me.

Flame away.

All I care about is that he scores at a 35-40 goal clip whenever he plays again.