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Vaya Con Dios Mr. Reinprecht

We hardly knew ye. In fact we didn't know ye.

Elsa - Getty Images

First let's all bask in the beauty of this photo. Not only because it shows a calm, relaxed Steven Reinprecht but he's chatting it up with the familiar vision of a defeated Darcy Hordichuk taking up valuable space on a hockey bench. Feel free to write up your own caption. For instance:

Hordichuk: "I...I all happened so quick, I thought that fight was mine."

Reinprecht: "Well next time just pay the Girl Scout for the Thin Mints and there won't be a problem."

Zing. Here all night folks.

Back to Reinprecht, the 36-year-old center who landed in Vancouver with the Samuelsson/Sturm for Booth deal, was buried in the AHL last year due to his (a) $2 million dollar contract and (b) eligibility to being plucked off waivers if the team recalled him. There were rumblings that he could have been recalled during the playoffs when waivers don't apply, but alas the Kings ruined that. As such he never suited up for the Canucks.

As a UFA he wasn't expected to be returning to the Vancouver organization, but now it's official as he heads back to Germany.

"Steven has great offensive instincts, but also plays defensively with a lot of responsibility.With his 713 NHL games, he brings a lot of experience to the team and is also great in character. He can play all three positions storm is, "with us, but once planned as a center forward, said Ice Tigers coach Jeff Tomlinson.