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Sedins Back To Modo? Not Just Yet.

There are a few familiar faces on Modo in the SEL. Could a certain pair of identical twins join that group soon?

Rich Lam - Getty Images

Modo, the SEL powerhouse which a certain Markus Naslund serves as GM, is looking for NHL castoffs to sign for a year. Could the Sedins rejoin their former captain (oh and Sammy Pahlsson) soon?

"We’re going to wait and see and we don’t know how teams are going to do back there anyways. They might say no. For us, it doesn’t change. If it [lockout] drags on and looks like it’s going to be the full year, then we’ll make a decision. Markus knew our position before they said no to players."

The Sedins remain committed to seeing what progress - if any - may materialize on the NHL front before turning their attention elsewhere.