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NHL LOLockout Roundup Day #4

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Worst. Clothing. Advertisement. Ever.  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Worst. Clothing. Advertisement. Ever. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Something tells me keeping count of this clusterfuck is a bad idea, but here goes nothing.

Former NHL star Mike Modano, who was a member of the Dallas Stars when the '04-05 season was lost, recently told ESPN's Craig Custance of the work stoppage: "It was a waste of time." Modano said that he lost more than $7 million in salary.

"It's money you feel you never get back," Modano told Custance. "At some point, we were sold a bill of goods. Everybody was buying it. Everybody thought, 'Let's not let each other down. Let's do it for the future of the game. Blah, blah, blah.' You're only in the game so long."

He also added that "it's not a battle you're going to feel like you're going to win. It's a negotiation. You feel at some point that both sides will be upset about what they have to give up."

"I knew that Dynamo was interested in me, as my Russia-based representative had immediately told me that," Ovechkin said, as translated by Malamud. "But we had already promised CSKA to only negotiate with them. But then, there was a small snag. We asked [CSKA] whether we can start negotiating with someone else. In the end, we started making contact with Dynamo and reached an agreement.

"As to the future, it will depend on what kind of conditions there will be in the NHL with the new CBA," Ovechkin said. "If our contracts get slashed, I will have to think whether to return there or not. I won’t rule out staying in the KHL, even past this season."

(It's impossible to take this quote at face value without recognizing the potential bigger mess it would create for the KHL/NHL and the IIHF - to speak nothing about Ovechkin's career and chance to play in the 2014 Olympics - but when one of the world's most talented and recognized hockey names tosses out the option of not returning to the NHL because of its second lockout in a decade, it's worth paying attention. It's more posturing sure, but as the migration of NHL hockey talent begins to ramp up, it's worth wondering what player read that quote and nodded in agreement.)