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The Vancouver Giants Are Awesome


via Vancouver Giants

Don't want to wait for the NHL to figure out their latest mess (and at this point why would you?)? No worries, the Vancouver Giants got you covered. Not only are adding some fresh faces and slashing prices on their home opener this week, they've gone the extra mile to get your attention with some rather awesome Canuck throwback jerseys.

The Western Hockey League's Vancouver Giants stepped right to reaching out to disgruntled NHL fans. With the big-league Vancouver Canucks idled, the Giants have cut ticket prices to the first three home games and also announced they will wear a throwback jersey for their home opener that is rather similar in colour and hue to the NHL's team.

(It actually is a homage to the original Canucks, the minor pro team which won the Pacific Coast Hockey League title in 1945-46. So it's not a copyright infringement! Pretty clever.)

Excellent effort and a perfect way to embrace a market where their own marquee players aren't technically employed by the biggest attraction in town right now (sorry, but I love this picture).

This is all before you brush up on your WHL and scan the roster to find some players to love. Best name: Tanner Moar. Runner up: Carter Popoff. Best guy ever: John Neibrandt...since we don't make it a habit of arguing with guys who are 6'5'' and neither should you.