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Let The Posturing Begin: NHL Lockout 2012



Hey folks!

Sorry to confirm the NHL and NHLPA - in their collective yet infinite wisdom - have decided the better thing to do with their time is posture, point fingers and whine rather than stone up, find the middle, compromise and not piss away their product.

Make no mistake about what's on the table: the potential of another lost season, the second in a decade. Hockey didn't need another black eye, but its very owners and players are about to give it one.

As we sit on the sidelines, please know our site isn't going dark at all. We'll be here hockey or not. Our goal has always been to foster the best community of Vancouver Canuck fans and give you a happy home no matter what. So if we have to put our big boy pants on before the owners and players do, than so be it.

Thanks for sticking around. We'll get through this together.

Go Canucks Go.