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Happy Lockout Day!


Remember this commercial?

I do. That was from the last lockout. A lockout won't wreck my emotions this time though. No way those assholes are gonna do that to me again. No praying. No sitting around and waiting. I have a second child on the way. A job. Cross country and downhill skis. A hockey stick and skates. A PS3. Guitars. Spending more time with my wife (that link takes you to another 2004 lockout classic, this one a parody of Green Day's "Time Of Your Life"). Check it. It's funny.

I can keep myself occupied. 246 freed hours, potentially. 10.25 freed days that I would normally spend watching every regular season Canucks game.

Fuck you, NHL. I don't need you. And if I happen to feel a little sting of pain once in a while from missing you I'll blame it on something else, like, high stomach acid, lack of alcohol, or...I miss my old dog Lassie. But I will not waste my emotions on you this time like I did in 2004 and 1994. Get back to me when you're done squabbling. I'll be out and about living my life.

What are YOU going to do with your new free time?

Stick tap to BW79 for finding the video.