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Luongo & The Alexs Update

Warning. Warning. Incoming uncomfortable video landing in front of your face in

Even Luongo can make black eyes seen fashionable. The same with overbites.

In other news Botch tweeted earlier that MG doesn't think the team needs to have a firesale when it comes to Luongo, they've had decent proposals but nothing solid yet and that they're trying to extend both Burrows and Edler before the 9/15 CBA expiration. If you care, he still believes they're in on Doan too which is slowly becoming Sundin 2.0 annoying.

For what it's worth, I'd prepare yourself to have a $5.3 million dollar back-up goalie whenever hockey rolls around again. Also extending Burrows and Edler is the right thing to do prior to the CBA falling apart. Get 'er done.