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5 Days Until A Possible Lockout - NHL Links

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The old CBA expires at 11:59pm ET on Saturday night, and the NHL and NHLPA don't look like they'll reach an agreement in time. Here is some news and rumours from around the league.

  • You know those rumours about the Canadian provincial labour boards being able to block the lockout for a couple provinces? Well, after Daly told the media this was just "noise", the NHL cancelled its meeting with the Alberta Labour Board to discuss whether or not the Flames and Oilers can lock out their players. This lies heavily in favour of the NHLPA, because Alberta law says they must have tried to get a mediator before calling a lockout. Next stop is Quebec, where locking out the Canadiens players is against the law because the NHLPA isn't recognized as a certified union. (Oh look, the writers are not being put on silent yet....)
  • Also on the lockout front, the KHL has released the guidelines that their teams have to follow for signing NHL players during the lockout. They also have very particular rules involving which foreign players are allowed to be signed. The criteria is not too bad, though: players that make the cut include Alexandre Burrows, Steve Bernier, and Willie Mitchell.
  • Shortly after re-signing Brad Marchand, the Bruins have locked up a 6-year extension on Tyler Seguin worth $34.5M.
  • Also on the signing front, the Rangers will get another year out of Steve Eminger for $700,000.
  • The Panthers are expecting Erik Gudbranson to be sidelined for 4 months after shoulder surgery.
  • Manny Malhotra got to practice with the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer team recently. Here he is, talking about the day, as well as his decision as a kid when choosing between soccer and hockey.
  • On the fun front, Henrik Lundqvist won an award at the 2012 Style Awards for "Most Stylish Athlete".

Go negotiations.