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Off Olympics And NHL topic Thread Because....It's The Weekend


I've watched maybe five minutes of the Olympics. That's just my personal preference. I could care less. So I am going to post this completely off-topic thread for the weekend for a haven of non-Olympic / non-hockey conversation. I have realized that there are plenty of NM readers that just wanna talk OT. OT question to you my friends is this:

-who was your first crush on television?

-how the heck did your first crush with a real person in real life go for you?

Daisy Duke was my first crush on TV as far as I can remember. My first real life love? Oh god don't get me started.

I guess there was a reason why my parents were protective:


But not anymore! Daisy Duke and her cut off shorts and beyond were my own peronal crushes as a young kid growing up.

I can be honest with you kids. My first real girlfriend experience was a disaster. Damned women anyways.