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Canucks - Burrows In Initial Stages Of Ironing Out A New Deal

Mr. Everything
Mr. Everything

A couple of tweets from News1130 yesterday afternoon:


Corbiel says the #Canucks called him 2 weeks ago and expressed interest in getting a new deal done.

That's good news. The sooner the better. Burrows becomes an unrestricted free agent next summer and

why let his status linger all season long? We know he should be a Canuck for life, right?

RIGHT! The man is a legend. He is clutch. He is our beloved Alexandre M-Fing Burrows.

He signed a very friendly 4 year, $8 million deal last time around in 2009. That was very team-spirited of him. That was after a 28-goal season. Since then he has put up 35, 26 and 28 goal seasons. How about his 17 points (9 goals) in the 25 playoff games in their 2011 Playoff run. He has been stellar. He has been useful in all situations. He has been the best and only real fit with the Sedins since Anson Carter. That's why he is Mr. Everything. That's why it's time for him to get paid. And paid more. A lot more. He's 31, so let's look at a 6 - 7 year deal. And double that salary.

One little nugget that I have stuck in my head though is that Burrows can maintain those offensive numbers if he stays on the top line and gets all those minutes. But what if, by some ungodly fluke, somebody else takes his spot on the top line. Do you think he can still maintain that output on the 2nd line? I will flat - out say "no". Just something to take into consideration. We can't just assume that Burrows will play with the Sedins at all times from now on. There's always someone else chomping at the bit who could be better. And we've seen Alain Vigneault shuffle Alex on and off that top line a lot this past season. So there is a little bit of complication there. But when it comes down to a "what have you done for me lately" scenario, Burrows is going to cash in this time.

What say you? Have your say in the comments section.