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Morning Buzz : Donald Fehr Earns His Bucks

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Good morning everyone. Just to continue the off season shakeup, and because someone has to do it, here's a blowout of the NHLPA proposals that Gary and his guys are perusing as we speak. As the various actual hockey journalists got to work, the details that are the meat of Sir Donald Fehr earning his dollars shows us that the players were smarter this time in their selection of a "hired gun". Forward thinking and inclusive ideas. Its going to be hard to take the owners side if they hardline on everything in this proposal.

Not to get into Bob Goodenow and all that, Google him if you are interested, but with some proactive and game changing ideas for revenue sharing, Donald Fehr looks far more on top of his s#it than old Bobby. With things like helping give the struggling teams a chance, and the "at least" 465 million dollar "sweetener" for the league in the first three years, it presents, at the least, to this optimistic fan, a far more nuanced, well thought out starting point for continued negotiations. ( It also slyly gives the richer teams the ability to be rich, but that will get all tossed around anyhow. How about trading Cap instead of a player? )

The CP story here

Globe and Mail

TSN, SNET, (same CP story, but a full video of DaFear ) and because we're all about the factuality 'round here yo', the NHLPA ( and if you really want to, their video menu includes not only the longest video I could find, but also Mathieu Schneider and the SmashFest Ping Pong Tournament )

Mr Bourne at the Score. I'm liking it so far, you?

A bit more depth on that "trading Cap" idea from ProHockeyTalk's James O'Brien

Some great work breaking it down from HockeyGuys

I'm just going to link to his whole damn timeline. Elliote Friedman dropping some gold, platinum nuggets

T.O Star , NY Post, and the NHL itself. I can never get a read on that little G.Gimli Bettman's body language and facial expressions. Or maybe I just recoil in horror unconsciously every time I see him try to smile. Either / Or

After the break, because it seems today's sportswriters use Twitter like they are playing I Got A Secret ( though I just realized you have to be about as old as me to get that reference...) a bunch of their Tweets with juicy little CBA details, and because you worked for it, some Canuck stuff at the end.

I liked him as a player, and now also a media type

Sense is the NHL believes todays proposal from the NHLPA was better than what was expected.No details on proposal yet.

Hated by Torts, but he is a reporter of some note

NHLPA has also proposed extra draft picks for teams in financial trouble that could be used, traded or sold, Post has learned...

I like Ren from RDS, he's one of my fave follows, but if the Canucks are gonna have to buck up, I think a couple Original Six teams can find a few sheckels around...

NHLPA propose 240 million in revenue sharing for the first year alone. I don't know if MTL and TOR are ready to give more to Flo and Colu.

Great point Tom

Masterful job done by NHLPA. If NHLPA proposal doesn't lead to agreement by Sept. 15 now, fan sentiment will be even more in players' favor.

He's more positive than I am!

Great experience being involved in the meetings today. Happy to see we are on our way to creating a deal for next season

Don't know who he is either, or I forget. Lets just call him the T.O Don Taylor

NHLPA's aggressive position towards revenue sharing shows the players have a keen interest in league growth, not just $$$...Smart move Fehr.

Marek weighs in

NHLPA proposal smartly crafted to position large market teams vs small market teams. Make this an internal owners fight.

And because its not all about this stuff, and you'll read more and more over the coming days anyhow, perspective from, Mr Kevin Bieksa

Heading to Coleman, AB tom for Cup. Special thx to all who have worked hard to put this together in Ricks honor.

The stories about our boys in Blue and Green focus more on the hockey than who and how they get paid for it...

Chris Tanev is working on his shot, and in more ways than just the literal

Hey look, there's a couple core guys to sign. Can the team afford Burrows? ( I disagree with the premise that the Canucks can't "afford" AMFB. If the guy wants to be here, they'll be fair, and he signs. If he wants to really cash in?...wellllll )

Keep calm and White Rock on dude.(What is this, the third/fourth community event we've seen Garrison at already? He'll be running for premier or something next! Good on ya )

Oh Stanchion, you lovable scamp. ( strictly speaking, not totally Canucks in this one, but we give alumnus some slack around here, sort of like all those people cheering Willie Mitchell recently ;-) Funny lovable scamp...

R.I.P Ryp'. Love the POV of this story, and the video