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Best Canucks Masks, Round II: John Garrett vs. Peter Skudra

<a href="">Click me for bigger version</a>.
Click me for bigger version.

We enter the conference semifinals with a good mix of goalies throughout the decades, from some of the classics (Garrett, Bromley, Ridley) to Vancouver's two current goal stopping machines. Also it wouldn't be a discussion of ranking Canucks goalies without some head scratchers in there as well.

Kicking off the battle of the top eight remaining goalie masks designs is Cheech (who simply crushed Dunc Wilson) and Peter Skudra (who edged out Alfie Michaud). Follow the links for background on each netminder.

Garrett Mask Gallery: Garret wore the traditional original mask with the team's colors and logo prominently featured. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Skudra Mask Gallery: Skudra originally wore the prototypical white mask until January 2001 when he debuted his new Canuck-themed one in a game against the Leafs. The mask featured the colors and markings of the Canucks orca logo, creating the appearance of Skudra's face coming out of the whale's mouth. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Have at it!