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Videos: Willie Mitchell's Day With The Stanley Cup


Yea, yea, he plays for the damned LA Kings, but I was very happy for BC-Boy and former Canuck Willie Mitchell when he won that Cup. Here are a few clips of his celebrations in Port McNeill.

Port McNeill celebrates as the Kings win the Cup:

Willie explains just how small the community of

Port McNeill is:

More after the jump.

Mitchell lands in Port McNeill in a chopper and the locals are thrilled (fan cam):

More of Willie walking through the crowd (fan cam):

Respect shown to the First Nations (Namgis) people Alert Bay. That tribe gave him a name of "Xan'yadzam" which means "Amazing":

Here is a quick clip or Mitchell and Lord Stanley from

A great image of Willie with the Cup at the top of Mount Waddington:


Great stuff. Congrats again, Willie.

And just for old times' sake:

He's a beauty, make no mistake.