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Luongo To Tampa Bay Makes Sense...Or Does It?

Listen, we have so many MSM and Twitter sites to visit to feed our curiosity on NHL trade rumors. I have no sources when it comes to trade rumors / signings. BUT! As I adjust my NHL 12 rosters to make them up to date, several things become inevitably clear: The Florida Panthers re-signed Scott Clemmenson recently. They have "solid" goalies in a 1A and 1B/C combo in Clemmenson / Markstrom / Theodore tandem. That's great but Luongo is better than all of them. Maybe they package one of them this way. But I see no depth in D or forward positions from Florida that they would send this way.

But what does Tampa Bay have? Well, they signed Mattew Carle on Wednesday from Philly and now have a butt-load of defencemen. Who do they have in goal? Mathieu Garon and newly-acquired Anders Lindback. Two big and young goalies. Is Steve Yzerman ready to put all his chips on those young guys? Maybe. But his over-abundance on defencemen may suggest otherwise. Something stinks.

Let me be frank....I do believe that Roberto wants to be close to his Florida home. If a deal with Florida cannot be done, and I am starting to think that right now it cannot be done, I think Tampa is an option regardless of what Stevie Y says, because he really needs a bonafide goaltender. Garon and Lindback could be bonafide but are unproven, and Tampa is not rebuilding. I am starting to think that a Luongo deal is not going to happen this summer. There are too many question marks out there, but I think there are more question marks in Tampa than Florida.