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New Canuck Guillaume Desbiens' Last 5 NHL Fights Examined

Hey Biz...

The Canucks brought the 27 year-old Desbiens back into the fold on Monday, signing him to a 1-year, 2-way $600,000 contract. Yankee Canuck had posted a picture in the comments section of the 6'2", 213 pounder about to throw a punch at Colorado's Cody McLeod...with his thumb tucked IN. So we got a chuckle and questioned his fighting abilities even though there's no way in hell he punches like that. Let's take a look at what he can do by examining and rating his latest NHL fights, all with the Calgary Flames last season. I'll make my pick, then give you the consensus pick from the peeps at and you can have your say in the comments section.

1. Desbiens vs B.J. Crombeen (6'2", 212 lbs), Feb. 27, 2012

Desbiens took a run at David Backes (atta boy) and Crombeen took

exception to it.

Not a very exciting tilt at all, but Desbiens gets enough in early.

Winner: Desbiens crowd picks: Desbiens

2. Desbiens vs Matt Kassian (6'6", 225 lbs), March 11, 2012.

Guillaume gets beat down by the much bigger Kassian, and succumbs early.

Winner: Kassian in the first round pick: Kassian

3. Desbiens vs Ryan Clowe (6'2", 215 lbs), March 13, 2012

Lots of jabs, but I liked how Desbiens threw a bunch early and hung in there, because Clowe was trying to set him up for a haymaker.

Winner: Desbiens pick: Draw.

4. Desbiens vs Paul Bissonnette (6'3", 208 lbs), March 15, 2012

Wow, Guillaume fights for the 3rd time in the span of 4 days. You can see his style of fighting by now. He grabs the guy by the top of his jersey and jabs the opponent's face...a lot before trying to throw a heavy right. This one is not very exciting, but once again, GD avoids getting throttled. Another quick start for Desbiens, but Biznasty finishes strong. If you want to call it that.

Winner: Draw. pick: Draw

5. Desbiens vs Jared Boll (6'3", 195 lbs), March 18, 2012

Well, this one was more entertaining. Jeez, his 4th fight in 7 days. How are those knuckles feeling? GD comes out of the gate swinging again and ratta-tat-tats Boll's head for a while near the end of the tilt as well.

Winner: Desbiens. Hands down. crew pick: Desbiens.

So I have him at a 3-1-1 record in 2011-12. Not the most entertaining fighter. No points in 23 NHL games. It will be tough for him to make the Canucks squad.

He told the Province today:

"I know I’m a depth player and I don’t think anybody expects me to make the team out of training camp, and that’s OK."

"It was the same thing when I made the team a couple of years ago. But I know what I can do and they know what to expect from me. If I have a good enough camp and I mix things up, you never know what can happen. I’m looking to make everybody change their mind and keep me on the team."

Desbiens has a good relationship with Chicago Wolves coach Scott Arniel from the Manitoba Moose days, and he even played for the Wolves from 2005-2008.