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Dear Diary, July 30, 2012...

Ironically these two have more history than just being teammates
Ironically these two have more history than just being teammates

Dear Diary:

Nothing is happening in Canuckland lately, or the NHL for that matter. I mean, the Summer Olympics are on and I do not care to even watch. TSN has not changed it's NHL front page for days. No Province or Sun articles to quote / hack. No new news on any Roberto Luongo deal. No Shane Doan updates, except for the last rumor that he may command over $7 million per season for 4 years, which is an atrocity.

I finally finished reading Ron MacLean's book called "Cornered" on Sunday and I have to say: it was one hell of an excellent read. Ron and Don Cherry are compelling television on Coach's Corner whether you like it or not. I grew up watching those two every Saturday for the majority of my young life. And even though Cherry gets flack from new media and old media for his comments on women, Swedes, Russians, etc etc I could care less. See, I am born and raised in a small northern town in B.C. We are a lot less politically correct

up here then say...people in a city like Vancouver, or Ron and Don's bosses at CBC for that matter. I like how Ron and Don play their role on Coach's Corner and any other segment that they do during Hockey Night In Canada broadcasts. What you learn from MacLean's book is the hard truth behind not only his, but Cherry's personalities as well. Ron gives you the backgrounds of both personas and what makes them tick. You also learn just how scripted Coach's Corner can be, and when it is not. Ron is more in control of CC than you may think, and I did not know that until I read his book. What also surprised me was how much beer those two put down post games even to this day. Damn, what I wouldn't do to hang with both of them at the same time. I recommend Ron's book. No, I am not being endorsed for saying this shit. I just really enjoyed MacLean's take on everything because he has a fascinating mind that goes all over the place. I believe he is being honest and I idolize both "characters" on Hockey Night In Canada every week and have for the majority of my life.

Reading MacLean's literature also got me thinking...(oh god)

-he goes into some detail about the 1994-95 NHL lockout. What Gary Bettman presented back then (a cap world as the biggest example, as he brought to the NBA in his previous job) was a serious change to the NHL. Bettman wanted more competitive markets throughout the NHL and today I still agree with what he was / is trying to do. MacLean states in his book that he is not in agreement with this. He would rather see dynasties. He cited the Chicago Blackhawks team winning the Stanley Cup in 2011 and then being dismantled due to cap reasons as his prime example of displeasure. I am not in agreement. Sure, I'd be more prompted to agree with MacLean's notion if it was the Canucks winning the Stanley Cup....alas....

When Canucks fans hear the name Ron MacLean I'm sure the majority thing of the Alexandre Burrows - Stephane Auger incident. MacLean gets into it for over two pages of detail on that incident as well. That is a good thing, because a) he was crucified for his stance b) he only had limited time to explain himself live, on air.

I prefer a diplomatic stance on the issue. But let me ask you this: can you imagine being a referee in a game that Burrows participates in?

Ok, that clip may open old wounds and / or piss off Canucks fans and perhaps rightfully so. Auger had no right to go after Burrows like that in a form of revenge. However, this whole situation is null and void if Burrows doesn't embellish in the first place, right? RIGHT? There's no integrity in being a diver and making the refs look stupid in the first place, RIGHT? C'mon. Call a spade a spade.

That's how I look at it. And hey, don't give me that shit about having to defend the members of the team that I cheer for at all costs. I am not buying it. Ever. Unless the dive creates a penalty that leads to a Stanley Cup-winning goal. Then by all means, I am as shallow as the next guy.

What else am I reading lately? Paul Henderson's "Shooting For Glory". Great insight into the 1972 Summit Series from the man who saved out asses. I am going to talk more about that series, which absolutely kills Canada's gold medal win in Vancouver by a mile.