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Welcome to London - 2012 Olympic Games Day 1 Open Thread

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The title says it: welcome to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, now taking place in London, England. With the official start date being today, we will see athletes from around the world compete for global domination in their sports. Can Michael Phelps become the most decorated Olympian in history? Can Usain Bolt beat his astonishing world record from 4 years ago? Those are among the questions waiting to be answered over the next 2 weeks.

As many readers here may remember, the previous Olympic games were the Winter ones held in Vancouver, and we here at Nucks Misconduct organized daily open threads for people to come discuss all the events in progress. Since the Olympics have returned, and we have no hockey in the summer to keep us distracted, it's time to try bringing these threads back. I will place them in the front-page story format to start and see how things go. If they're not used enough, I will start putting them in the fanpost sidebar instead.

As for format, I will use the same format I used for the 2010 Vancouver games. Listed below are all the times that there are Olympic events in progress that we can watch. All times listed below are PDT time zone, which is 8 hours behind London. For coverage info and online streams, has been rebooted for these games, after their tremendous success for Vancouver. London's official games site also has lots of handy information.

1:00am Archery - Men's Individual (Ranking Round), Men's Team (Ranking Round), Women's Individual (Ranking Round), Women's Team (Ranking Round)

1:00pm Opening Ceremony

So it begins. Go Canada.