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Morning Buzz: I'd Like To Offer Moral Support But I Have Questionable Morals

You're doing it wrong Google. Wait...maybe not. Carry on. [<a href="">Click for bigger image</a>]
You're doing it wrong Google. Wait...maybe not. Carry on. [Click for bigger image]

Canucks News

  • Sigh. SIGH. BLOODY HELL. [Open File]
  • Should Vancouver sign Semin and the obvious "talent" vs "lazy" comments therein. [HF]
  • Schneider supports the Hope Rise Relief fund for the Aurora victims. Scary story about his cousin who was almost in the theater that night too. [MetroNews]

Everyone Else

  • Who's your favorite hockey character in movies? The Parise fetish crowd would like to know. [HW]
  • Kings Twitter fail. I know, I'm totally shocked too. [SBN]
  • Billionaire Weber is happy. Thank goodness. Otherwise he'd have to buy his own Fortress of Solitude. [PD]
  • Speaking of Weber, his new contract costs almost as much as the damn arena he plays in. [BizJournals]
  • Logan Couture digs porn. This means two things: (1) it's definitely the summer and (2) Couture is definitely male. [PD]
  • Good times ahead for Avalanche fans. [THN]
  • Nathan McIver is alive and well thanks to Garth Snow. [LHH]
  • Should the NHL have an appeals board for the Shannabans? [Edmonton Journal]
  • And lastly, the Backstreet Boys in hockey gear. Like the sun, don't stare directly at it. [Life is a Puck via PPP]