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Dale Weise Avoids Having A Sad, Signs 1-Yr Deal

Two minutes, crosschecking. (Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images)
Two minutes, crosschecking. (Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Most NHLer's - in fact damn near all of them now - who elect for arbitration tend to settle before their actual funday in Toronto arrives. Would you want to sit still with a forced smile while your employer sifts through stats and comparables only to challenge the meaning of your very existence down to the penny?

It's in that vein that 4th liner Dale Weise jumped on the chance to avoid it, signing a one-year / one-way deal to return as the team's chief pugilist and another bottom six option, joining the recently re-signed RW's Steve Pinizzotto and Aaron Volpatti. Between these three and Manny "there's an O-zone?" Malhotra the fourth line is filling out, but expect some "spirited" play in camp to get AV's attention.

Weise joined Vancouver in camp last year, being picked off waivers from the Rangers because he was "busier" than Victor Oreskovich. He would go on to score his first NHL goal in October and collect 8 pts in 68 games. More importantly he ended up with an adjusted Corsi of 2.1, which isn't atrocious for a guy seeing an average of eight minutes a night all in his own zone (it's better than Raymond's -1.5 and Twitter tells me he's terrible). Additionally Weise did light it up in juniors, so there's always the chance he can contribute north of the 15+ pt range.

Any preference out there between Volpatti, Pinizzotto and Weise?