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Morning Buzz: Sorry For Judging You, Your Friends, Your Family, And All Your Major Life Decisions

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The classics never die.
The classics never die.

With the Nash domino finally slammed down on the table, how long will it be before Doan or Semin find a resolution of their own?

Canucks News

  • Mike Gillis and the use of analytics [White Towel]
  • Mike Gillis and his view of centers Jordan Schroeder, Ryan Kesler and Manny Malhotra [The Province]
  • Got a question for Cory Schneider as he's road tripping back to Boston? [Fort Nucks]
  • All Matt Pettinger, all the time. []

Everyone Else

  • Howson needs schooling on a few things, the latest being how to phrase trading a franchise player [PD]
  • So what do the Jackets look like now? [The Cannon]
  • If you have a few spare coins, consider supporting the new Jessica Redfield Sports Journalism Scholarship [Indiegogo]
  • Byfuglien = still fat. [SBN]
  • Frumpy face re-ups with the Bruins. []
  • How's free agency season impacting the Blues? [STLToday]
  • "There is nothing inherently wrong with valuing theatrics. What is wrong is overvaluing great actors of limited talent and undervaluing great talents of limited acting ability." Of course this is about Alex Semin. [The Score]
  • An open letter to a certain hockeyy insiderrrrr. [The Hockey Guys]