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Eddie Lack To Back Up Schneider? Why Not?

This may be a reality, folks
This may be a reality, folks

Eddie Lack recently rejected the Canucks' qualifying offer as a restricted free agent, as many RFA's do, and the Canucks have a decision to make. Does Lack want to play in the NHL? Of course he does. Does he want a 2-way contract? Probably not. He wants to play in the bigs like anybody would. Lack is 24 years old. Cory Schneider was already getting NHL ice time at 23 years old. Lack has the same composure (in my opinion) as Schneider had. He has the size and speed in his butterfly goaltending abilities that may match Schneider's. I guess we will see this at training camp.

I think a big problem here is Roberto Luongo's imminent departure. It seems, from an obvious and distant glance, that Roberto wants to be traded to the Panthers primarily. Well, that is fine and dandy but the Panthers have a plethora of goalies in Jose Theodore, Scott Clemmenson and the phenom Jacob Markstrom.

So any goaltender coming back this way that is NHL-ready gets in the way of Eddie Lack's progress. You may say "no big deal" to that but let's be realistic here. In 2010-11, Lack posted a 28-21-4 record with the Manitoba Moose with 5 shutouts and a 2.26 goals against average and a .926 save percentage with the Manitoba Moose. In 2011-12 with the Chicago Wolves Eddie posted a 21-20-3 record with 4 shutouts, a 2.31 GAA and a .925 save percentage. Lack needs a serious look at training camp and I believe, with his big frame and solid stance that he will impress and SHOULD be Cory Schneider's back up this coming season. It kind of resonates with the Luongo/Schneider situation in that here is a young goaltender pushing the Canucks' current starter in Cory Schneider. It's a beautiful fight to have in that position: Schneider keeping the starter position while Lack pursues his job. To me, that is the bottom line. Luongo should not be traded to a team with an NHL-ready goalie coming back this way. I believe a Schneider - Lack combo is absolutely good enough.

So, we need a top 2-3 center in return for a Luongo trade. Agree? Post your opinions in the comments section and please vote in the poll.