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Welcome! The newest Canuck - Jason Garrison!


It appears that GM Mike Gillis has done it again. Using his 'magic dust' he managed to get another coveted player, to take a hometown discount. (This according to a tweet by Tsn ) White rock born Jason Garrison, joins the Canucks after an excellent season in Florida. But, what exactly are the Canucks getting? What are reasonable expectations for fans, with this player moving forward? Let's take a quick look behind the numbers to find out!

As always, we start by looking at Garrison's 5 on 5 Pos F numbers and his ( Ozone adj.) Pos F numbers:

Year Pos.. F Ostarts (Ozone Adj.) Pos. F
2011-2012 52% .54 51%
2010-2011 49.5% .42 52%
2009-2010 45% .54 45%

At first glance, We see that Garrison is a decent possession player but not a top possession guy. Now, for comparison, let's take a look at the rest of Canuck defense (Ozone adj.) Pos F numbers from last year:

Defensemen (Ozone Adj.) Pos. F
Chris Tanev 57%
Dan Hamhuis
Kevin Bieksa 53%
Sami Salo 49%
Keith Ballard 49%
Andrew Alberts 49%
Aaron Rome 49%
Alexander Edler 47%

In terms of possession numbers, Garrison would slot in as a solid 4th after K. Bieksa. However, as we wil see, Garrison frequently plays against difficult competition, and therefore, it is an open question how much his possession numbers are influenced by his High QofC? {Still, Garrison is ~2.5 -3% below Dan Hamhuis in terms of (Ozone adj. Pos F) and both players have a High QofC, so I feel that, to this point, it's safe to conclude that Garrison cannot be considered an elite possession defenseman}

Next, let's take a look at the level of competition that Garrison has played against:

Year QofC league rank
2011-2012 1.400 5th
2010-2011 1.000 18th
2009-2010 -.400 86th

  • Garrison's reputation or playing tough minutes is well deserved and it is clear that he has been doing some real heavy lifting the last two years in Florida
  • Again, for comparison, Dan Hamhuis was the Canucks top (CorsiRelQofC) last year at .810 or 28th


Year Penalties Taken/60 Penalties Drawn/60
2011-2012 .6 .3
2010-2011 .4 .1
2009-2010 .9 0
League average .6 .3

  • Garrison has demonstrated above average discipline (an underrated skill for a d-man) - especially considering his high QofC.
  • Consistent with his possession numbers, Garrison does not appear to be is a puck carrying player as he has had an extremely low penalties drawn.
Ice time Even TOI m/gm rank PP TOI m/gm rank PK TOI m/gm rank
2011-2012 18.5m 13th 2.3m 17th 2.3 m

  • Garrison is a workhorse!
  • This is another area where the acquisition will really help the Canucks next year, as he can not only play tough minutes he can play alot of them. I have made the argument on numerous occasions that the Canucks really missed C. Ehrhoff last year because he also played alot of tough minutes and eased the load on the other Canuck D-man. Moving forward, Garrison has the potential to do the same and will free up Kevin Bieksa and/or Alex Edler to play against easier opposition and most likely allow them to pad their offensive stats.
Year shots S/gm
2011-2012 168 2.2
2010-2011 116 1.6
2009-2010 24 .6

  • Garrison has a big shot and he uses it often - last year he ranked in top 5% of shots/gm in the league

5 on 5 Goal analysis (Goals for & against that the player is 'on the ice for')

5 on 5 GF/20 league rank GA/20 league rank GD/20 league rnk
2009-2012 .64 77th .61 14th 51% 45th

  • Finally, we see that Garrison (during 5 on 5 play) is basically an average to slightly above average offensive defensemen. However, he is clearly, a top tier defensive player. And, with Dan Hamhuis, the Canucks finally have two legitimate shutdown D-man. Will they play together? It's really unfortunate that Bieksa and Edler showed absolutely no chemistry last year as that could have given the Canucks a top offensive pair to replace Ehrhoff/Edler from 2010-11 and allowed the Canucks to play Hamhuis and Garrson together when needed in a defensive shutdown role?

In Conclusion:

Jason Garrison is a top tier defensive player, As he has demonstrated, he can hold his own and regularly play against the other team's best players. To date, he is only at best, a little above average offensively (during 5 on 5) in terms of his possession skills and (on the ice) Goals For. Like Sami Salo, he does have a heavy shot and likes to use it which will be an asset on the Canuck Power play. Also, Garrison has only played 2 1/2 years in the league and therefore should still improve and reach his peak with the 'Nucks under this present contract.

By my assessment, Garrison becomes the Canucks 2nd best defensive D. their forth best offensive D-man. I say Overall, he becomes their 3rd best defensmen. And, he is another B grade Defensmen for MIke Gillis that comes at a a very reasonable cost. (By my calculations, B grade Defensemen in the NHL usually make 5.5 to 6 million a year).

Also, with Garrison, Gm Gillis finally replaces the massive hole in the Canuck top 4 created by Christian Ehrhoff leaving last year. However, it is interesting to note that Gillis appears to have chosen defensive prowess over offensive skill. Garrison is very clealry stronger defensively than Ehrhoff but does not possess Ehrhoff's puck moving or puck possession skills,or Ehrhoff's ability to quarterback the powerplay. Is this move an omission by Gm Gillis that the tight,defensive, low PP opportunity hockey, we saw in second half of last year, is here to stay. And, is it also a tip of the cap to the Kings who were clearly a team built, (in adv. stats teams) as a high QofC team?

In addition, the jury is also out whether Garrison can create chemistry with Alex Edler helping Edler regain the elite level he reached playing with Ehrhoff? In fact, what the Canucks exactly get from Alex Edler next year is a key question for the team and fans and it will be addressed coming up in my next post where, I review and examine the Canucks D in depth.

Now it's time for feedback/questions/comments and criticisms and team for you to vote!