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Morning Buzz: Check Out The Stones On Holmgren

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Word to the wise for the service staff in the greater Philadelphia area: Mr. Holmgren doesn't like to wait.

So let's see how the news of the Weber offer sheet was received in Philadelphia. They seem happy in the explicative-laced manner that you'd expect.

How about down in Nashville? Cautious optimism (coupled with copious prayer) that they'll match and not lose arguably the best young defenseman in the game and their second such player of the summer.

Of course here at home this may finally shelve the "Weber to Vancouver" rumors, sitting nicely in the dustbin of history next to the "Sakic to Vancouver" ditty. We'll have to wait and see (the best option for those still clinging to that branch is NSH matches and moves him after one season anyway). Also I give the CDC about five seconds before they call Gillis a pussy nevermind last night was quick enough.

Canucks News

  • Besides the Sedins, do the Canucks have any other successful duos in the lineup? [The Province]
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  • Jersey in the hizzouse! 7th round pick Matt Beattie is heading to Yale. []
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  • Hey remember that story about the Canucks fans who went down to San Jose during the 2011 playoffs and ended up with one of the best bar stories ever? It's going to be a movie. [Variety]

Everyone Else

  • One more on Weber: "Can they really afford $26 million in 12 months when their estimated value as an organization is only $163 million in total?" [BSH]
  • Grab the tissues: The Lightning introduce Sami Salo. [FOX Sports]
  • More Salo: video of him chatting with the media. Nice lid. [TBL]
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  • PPP gives the treatment to a Niagara Falls Reporter. [PPP]
  • ...and so does the BoC [BoC]
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  • The five most GIFable bench moments from last year. There's a handful of Canucks ones in there, including AV giggling. [Backhand Shelf]