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July 13 - 15 Weekend Off Topic Open Thread


We have a select group of members here at Nucks Misconduct that have the gift of gab. So here is a haven for off topic conversation. If you are new to the thread just a heads up: Not always safe for work, or your personal tastes. Roll with the punches and prepare for anything if you enter. You are very welcome here!

My 2 cents: Nicholas Cage is a terribly limited dimensional actor and is about a 9/10 on my annoyance scale. Possible exceptions for Mr. Cage: Maybe The Rock, Leaving Las Vegas and Bringing Out The Dead. But it's all the same boo hoo Cage character IMO. Overrated. Let's hear your most overrated male and female actors. My most overrated female actress: Julia Roberts. Do I even have to explain myself? I am guilty of enjoying her movies in the past but not anymore save: Erin Brokovich and Conspiracy Theory.