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Mikael Samuelsson Turns The 'FU' Back On Vancouver

As frequent as the sunrise is the image of Sammy being helped off the ice. (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
As frequent as the sunrise is the image of Sammy being helped off the ice. (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Mikael Samuelsson was a good foot solider during his time in Vancouver, posting his best career stats to date before being moved to Florida last year as part of the David Booth package.

So does FU look back fondly on his time with the Canucks? Sort of.

H/T to the Province for the pointer to the article where Sammy willingly shares his opinions. I'll lift some of the more entertaining parts from the Google translated version (with all the garbled hilarity therein) so feel free to check the entire piece out here. If you prefer Canucks Army has a more polished translated version.

During his last stint in Detroit Red Wings Mikael Samuelsson scores low harvest per season between 34 and 45 points. His scores in terms of best seasons, he made the Vancouver Canucks jersey.
- I had a little different role in Vancouver. Fixed points differs is not really that much. I was well over 50 points per season there.
- The first season of the Canucks were a bit up and down, but the second season I was playing with the Sedin were. This made it extremely game on powerplay. If you do not score much when it has nothing to do there. You can not fail no matter how little talent you have.

Favorite phrase: "extremely game"
Basic point: It's easy to get points with the Sedins on the PP. Hard to disagree with him there. Unless of course you remember how terrible their PP could be at times in which case "little talent" takes on a whole new meaning.

The media painted finals between the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins 2010/11 as a hatserie, how experienced you this player?
- I put myself in the stands during the finals, but it was perhaps not altogether successfully to (Alexandre) Burrows bet Patrice Bergeron in the finger during the first game. After Boston was really pissed off. You could say that it was the wrong team to anger. They play the very physical and I can probably think it would have been better to let the bear to sleep, if you know what I mean.
- Now, we were nevertheless close to winning the final and was actually 3-2 in matches. Now turned Boston and won deservedly.

Favorite phrase: "I put myself in the stands during the finals" (that you did sir)
Basic point: Sammy jumps on the narrative that Boston was sleepwalking through the finals until Burrows pissed them off. Nevermind that Vancouver took the first two games and it was really in game 3 when the "bear" woke up. But no matter, he's not alone in that opinion obviously. However since it comes from a player I'd like to tender for your approval the Samuelsson theorem: when playing the Boston Bruins just wait until the third period to piss them off because they'll be on the bus to the airport before they suddenly realize their collective rage.

How my thoughts when you were sold back to the Florida Panthers you left 2004?
- Disappointed is the wrong word, but I felt very good in Vancouver. I had a pretty severe injury the second season in Vancouver when a tendon in the groin had gone by. Rehaben had worked well and felt good at the camp, but when the NHL went, the left leg off.
- In retrospect, it was good that I was switched off because I had extra time to rehabilitate myself and come back whole. I got on very well in Florida, but it was hard to leave were Sedin, Alexander Edler and the other guys up in Vancouver. The management of the club however, I had no high opinion of, so that way it bekom me.

Favorite phrase: "...when the NHL went, the left leg off..."
Basic point: As others have suggested, a few follow up questions would have been nice to that last point about management. Whether it's that they traded him away from his buddies, they traded him six games into the season (remember these guys have families and lives away from hockey, so the jarring nature of trades have several effects fans don't see) or GMMG simply made the mistake of in effect saying "we don't need you" we'll never know. Or at least have to wait until the Wings roll into town on October 30th and one of the beat guys can ask him to elaborate. Since it's so close to Halloween by then anyway, perhaps someone can dress like Burrows and try and bite Sammy's finger. Bear poke!

Not the biggest FU in the world - Team Sweden got it far worse and Bengt-Aake Gustafsson is still quivering under a bed somewhere - but his comments fall along the lines of past complaints from guys like Kyle Wellwood or SOB who were all unceremoniously dismissed from their services and weren't shy about their feelings before the door shut on the way out. I wouldn't go as far as the Province does in suggesting it harms attracting free agents - hell some are emailing for employment! - but it does provide more ammo for those who want to knock the front office's treatment of certain individuals (cough Hodgson cough).

It's cool though Sammy, we still love ya. You're extremely game.